Looking good, even in the pandemic

The world’s ending. So what?

Now that may be a bit extreme, but the world certainly has changed. During this new post pandemic time various challenges have risen that we must all face; masks, social distancing, to name but a few. Many of us are stuck at home having to make do with Zoom meetings and even virtual dates! In Melbourne, where Perfect Square Co is based, we've been in full lockdown for the past few months. Many of us are struggling to find ways to live and work in this new environment. One of the beautiful things about work is the ability to dress up for it. If you work in sales you try look your best for customers, at the office you may have that special someone you're trying to impress or even living out the famous saying; “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.


However, with Zoom taking over in place of face-to-face meetings, how do you still look your best for others? It’s rather simple, focus on the top half. There has long been the joke of news reporters at their desk looking professional from the waist up, but wearing shorts or tracksuits below the belt. A lot of people may be finding this is something they themselves are doing during their time in virtual meetings. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So long as you don’t stand up while the camera is on!


There's no reason slack off and resort to a t-shirt during your time in virtual meetings, who knows, you may be getting even more looks than ever before, seeing as there's no real way of telling whose eyes are on who during virtual meetings! So, put on a nice shirt & jacket, and utilize the Perfect Square to subtly change your look throughout the day. For the morning start with the Perfect Presidential, that important client meeting sport the Perfect Peaks, and for that end of the day marketing call pop on the Perfect Puff.


Soon enough we'll be back to our lives as normal, but in the meantime it’s up to us to find ways of keeping a sense of normality even when times are as strange as they are now. We hope you enjoy this short fun clip we made below.