The Tie is Dying, and the Pocket Square will Replace it.

A change in the tides

For the last few years there’s been a significant shift, especially in the corporate professional’s environment, to more casual work wear. No longer is it common place to see your co-workers dressed up with a well-fitting tie to match the rest of their suit, or even to see TV presenters wearing one on air.

The tie is viewed as old fashioned, restrictive, unnecessary. Wearing an open collar shirt is more welcoming, laid back and easier. But an open collar shirt, or polo, matched with a nice jacket is still missing something. It looks too bland.... too flat.
That's where the pocket square is making a strong comeback. With Perfect Square Co, wearing a pocket square is simple & easy. Wearing a Perfect Square gives you the look of the pocket square, without the extra work involved in making one look good. No need to look up how to fold a pocket square, all the work is done for you. The look of a pocket square in your jacket ads that little bit of contrast and depth, elevating your overall appearance to help you look that little bit better than those without one.

Less is more

As we shift from a traditional conservative society to one that’s more forward thinking & inclusive, allowing individuals to be themselves and feel more relaxed in their day to day lives, the thought of a neck choking tie just doesn’t seem the right fit. However, inevitably there will be people that want to stand out. People that want to keep that more semi-professional look but not blend into the masses. This is where the pocket square comes in. Something as simple as the Perfect Presidential from Perfect Square Co can provide a welcome contrast to your torso, when worn with a polo, or an open collar shirt for example.

The exemption

Of course, tie’s will still have their place. In a job interview for example a necktie could make you look more refined and put together compared to somebody without one. But that doesn’t mean you would need to continue wearing one on a daily basis to the office. Business casual is the new norm, and a Perfect Square is the perfect companion to the “business” part, of business casual.