Which Perfect Square Style is right for you?

Thanks to the Perfect Square, choosing the style of pocket square that suits you best has never been easier. However, figuring out the correct combination of style & colour to match with your suit, tie or shirt can be daunting for those first getting into wearing a pocket square. In this article we'll break down the best way to use a Perfect Square to compliment the rest of your suit.


Choosing the right style

The beauty of a pocket square is that you’re able to pick a style that works with your mood, the colour of the clothing, or use it to stand out from the crowd. The Perfect Square is pre-folded, so you never need to look up "folding a pocket square" on YouTube again. There are 3 styles, the Perfect Presidential, Perfect Peaks and Perfect Puff.

For those dipping their toes into the world of suits, the Perfect Presidential style is the best bet. As a universally recognised style, the Presidential has the unique touch of being both a formal and casual style. It works just as well on a bespoke 3-piece suit at a board meeting as it does in a sports coat at your friend’s birthday brunch. White is the most common colour to pair with the Perfect Presidential style, as it's by far the most versatile colour to use while wearing a suit.

The Perfect Puff & Perfect Peaks are both a more “out there” style. The Puff expresses a more flamboyant feel, as the curves and depth of the design speak to the wearers more relaxed, almost laid-back approach. Whereas the Peaks are quite the opposite; sharp, opposing, and loud. Best suited with a pinstriped suit, the aggressive lines of the Perfect Peaks are unmistakably bullish. You mean business, and those that come across you will not easily mistake your intentions with such a distinctive style choice.


Matching your colours

There are a few ways to match, or compliment colours when wearing a pocket square. The most common way is to match the shirt and the pocket square. While simple, it is an intentional, clean choice that has stood the test of time. A crisp white shirt with a matching white pocket square is widely accepted as a good choice.

For those wanting to add a little more colour to their look, there is some more thinking needed before deciding on the colour. If standing out is your objective, red is an obvious choice of colours that will draw the eye. But be careful as clashing colours can achieve the opposite of the desired effect. For example, if one was to wear a white shirt, a dark black or charcoal suit with a black tie and a red pocket square, it would clash. The colour palette is too provocative. However, a white shirt, blue or navy suit, red tie and pocket square works wonderfully. Even more so if matched with a red textured tie, adding elements of depth and interest for onlookers to take in.

If shouting isn’t your thing, and you're one to let your actions do the talking, an all-black attire can be the perfect guise to fit your personality. A black/dark charcoal suit, paired with either a black shirt or black turtleneck is a fantastic base to allow a black Perfect Square to finish off the outfit. In this instance the Perfect Square style is less important, as the colour will conceal itself against the suit. What the Perfect Square will do in this case is add depth and layers to your torso, something as simple as the Perfect Presidential in black will bounce the light in a subtle way that illustrates your refined, humbled sense of style that will be appreciated by those glancing your way. A bold choice, all-black can speak louder than colour, depending on how you carry yourself while wearing it. Confidence is key.


Switching it up

Thanks to the Perfect Square’s use of magnets, changing your style is as easy as it could be. While wearing your suit in front of the mirror, pop in each Perfect Square style to see how it works against the rest of your outfit. Watch as in a matter of seconds your entire appearance can change based on the style of Perfect Square that clicks into place. One moment you can look sharp and precise, like 007, with the Perfect Presidential, and the next a casual inviting friend with the Perfect Puff. 

The secret is to try. While yes wearing a Perfect Square may be new and almost unnerving to some, with the increased attention that will no doubt come, as pocket squares are still somewhat a rare sight, the more you wear it the more you will love it.